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Our summer camps introduce middle and high school students to computer science through programming projects, magic tricks and faculty presentations.

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Co-ed Novice Camps

We will offer co-ed sessions again this summer! These camps will focus on two themes: building Android apps and physical computing. Like our girls' camps, they are intended for students with no previous computer science or programming experience. Camps will be led by Brett Wortzman, computer science teacher at Issaquah high school.

Building Android Apps

In this 4-day camp, students will get to design and create Android apps that will work on phones and tablets. They will be able to take their programs home at the end of camp so they can show them off to their friends and continue improving them. Everything needed will be provided for use during the camp (students do NOT need their own phones!). These camps will use Android App Inventor, a block language similar to Scratch.

Entering grades 7, 8 and 9
July 21 - 24 or Aug 11 - 14
9am - 4pm
$220 ($60 with scholarship)

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Physical Computing

This four-day, co-ed camp will expose high schoolers to the basic concepts of computing and programming through activities centered around physical computing using the .NET Gadgeteer platform. Students will learn to think computationally and solve problems using the skills and tools necessary for success in the field of computer science.

Entering grades 10-12 and new college freshmen
June 29 - July 2 or July 7 - 10
9am - 4pm
$220 ($60 with scholarship)

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Girls Camps

Spend a week on the beautiful University of Washington campus making new friends and exploring the exciting field of computer science!

Faculty members, students and industry members will lead a variety of presentations, games and hands-on projects. Our primary focus will be on creating artistic programs using the Processing environment. Lunch will be provided every day and parents will be invited to a closing ceremony. See pictures from last year's high school camp.

PLEASE NOTE: these camps are meant for students who are new to computing and have NOT completed a previous camp.

Girls entering grades 7-9
Aug 10 - 14 or Aug 17 - 21
9am - 4pm
$220 ($60 with scholarship)

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Girls entering grades 10-12 and new college freshmen
July 27 - 31 or Aug 3 - 7
9am - 4pm
$220 ($60 with scholarship)

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Grades 3-5: Scratch Adventures

Using Scratch, a visual programming language, campers will design and program their own interactive stories, games, music, and art projects. Campers will collaborate in teams, practice critical thinking and problem solving skills while building their self-confidence. On the last day of camp, campers will present their new skills and creations to their friends and family.

This camp is designed for campers with no previous experience using Scratch. Susan Evans, computer science teacher at Cleveland high school, will be leading the camp.

Entering grades 3, 4, 5
Jun 29 - Jul 2
9am - 3pm
$220 ($60 with scholarship)

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Alternate opportunities

We recognize that our camps do not meet everyone's needs. Here are alternate summer opportunities for K-12 students in the Puget Sound interested in computing: